You’ve followed Facebook’s advice and spent money to boost some posts. But is running boosted posts worth it to get you the results you need?

Often when we talk to new clients, they share with us that they’ve run some Facebook ads. Usually they’ve started with boosting some of their posts. Here is a taste of some recent conversations.

So what’s the problem?

The first example was a 3-day boost and ads reached just over 12,000 people. 420 link clicks sounds promising, but a link click doesn’t actually mean that people are actually viewing the content on your website or landing page. If your web page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over 50% of visits are abandoned.

Someone could click your call-to-action button by mistake and cancel. Both of these outcomes would still be counted as a link click. Unfortunately, those eyeballs on your wonderful website may have evaporated before they even got there. 

The second example shows how the Boost option can lead you into making some basic choices, without sufficient understanding on what the action will be. It’s bit like turning the ignition key in a car with a quarter of tank of petrol and only driving in first gear – it just won’t take you very far, or very fast.

Sound familiar?

The problem is, a boost is not a strategy. You’re probably running ads to increase sales of your products, or sign-ups to your course or service. Of course, brand awareness campaigns are important, but unless you’re a big brand with a matching big budget, you’ll want to cut to the chase and drive revenue. That’s not typically done with a one-shot boosted post to someone who probably has never heard of you before. You’ll need to plan a sales funnel, filling it with cold prospects and warming them up so that as they move further down the funnel, they’ll be converted to sales or sign-ups.

The Facebook ads platform can do all this. It offers so much more than just boosting posts that are a bit directionless in what they are trying to achieve. Advertisers are able to craft some really fine-tuned campaigns that can get excellent results, BUT it’s not generally known to be the easiest interface to master.

How are you going to do that and run your business at the same time? 

That’s where Facebook Ads Specialists like us can help. We have years of ads experience under our belts, so we’re able to quickly build well-structured campaigns that deliver. Always testing, monitoring and adjusting to get the best results. So, if you’re not getting good results on your boosted posts, don’t go down the google DIY route! Get in touch with us for a chat and let us help you get the results you’re looking for.

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