Why are we called Searocket Social? You could say we stumbled upon the name!

When we set up Searocket, we wanted a name that would convey all the positivity of our business and ethos but also be relevant to what we do.

We spent hours trying to find the perfect name (most of which were swiftly rejected or already taken). But a trip to the coast won the day. One of our favourite places to be. It’s definitely on our escape list whenever we want to blow some cobwebs away and get re-energised. On our walk, we approached some sand dunes and stumbled across a mass of delicate pink flowers. 

     a plant with a secret social life

A plant with social skills!
The searocket plant has its own social network

Turns out we had found the searocket, a succulent plant that grows on beaches, with some remarkable abilities. Researchers discovered that the searocket is a master at social interaction. It can distinguish between plants that are related to it and those that are not. If it detects family nearby, it will give it preferential treatment by politely restraining from grabbing all the nutrients. But in the absence of these family ties, it will put down roots, hoard nutrients and claim as much territory as it can. Clever, huh?

“I’m just amazed at what we’ve found,” said Susan A. Dudley, an evolutionary plant ecologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. “Plants have a secret social life – we need to recognize that they don’t only sense light or dark or even touch, but also whom they are interacting with

     The search was over and Searocket Social was born!

The strength and constancy of the sea combined with the positivity of a rocket perfectly encapsulate what we are all about. Delivering strong results that can help your business SOAR! With our social media know-how and advertising expertise, we help our clients to grow and get a fantastic return on their investment with us.

Think we might be able to help boost your business? Get in touch for a chat.

Read more about the socially skilled searocket plant here

a plant with social skills

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