So how can we help your business to soar?

Social Media Management

Now more than ever, it’s vital that your business has an online presence.

But having a brilliant website is no use if there aren't enough people visiting it to find out what products you sell, what services you provide or what events you are running.

More than half of the world’s population use social media and strongly influences the purchase journey. In fact, research data from 2020 shows that social media ads were the primary source for consumers to discover brands, significantly ahead of search engines and on par with TV ads.

If your business is not active on social media, it’s missing out on a huge audience and a big opportunity. In the UK alone

  • There are 45 million social media users - 67% of the population.
  • 96% have accessed social media within the last month
  • They spend on average, one hour and 40 minutes on social media daily.

Globally, the numbers are enormous...

A website alone is not enough

If you’re not present on social media, customers may have less confidence in your business. Think of it as part of your credentials, remembering that people often check out a company’s social media profile to see if there is recent content. Also, don’t forget that just because you’re not on social media, that other people can’t talk about you on social media. Make sure you’re present to hear and react to any negative comments. Ideally use social as a way to increase good relationships with your audience...

More than just ‘posting’

Running social media for a business is not the same as for your personal profiles. You can read more about our advice on how best to do it here.

And who hasn’t got lost down the ‘rabbit-hole’ of content when you just pop onto Instagram or Facebook for five mins? Without focus and intent, you could easily lose hours to your social media efforts when you actually should be running your business!

We take a good look at your business landscape and come up with a strategy for successful management. This includes content, a posting schedule and analysis to find out what works well (and what doesn’t). Don’t forget that good content will lead to more engagement, so comments, questions and reviews will need to be answered in a timely way. It all makes the difference to drive those conversions!

Searocket can take care of the entire management for you, with regular reporting, so you’ll never feel out of touch with your accounts. Or you may prefer to do this in-house using a helpful Strategy Roadmap that we can devise for you. Look at our options.